Rasul Chamber Gift Voucher

Rasul Chamber Gift Voucher

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Treatment lasts 35 minutes

The Rasul is one of the most wonderful treatments at the wellbeing spa. Guided into a dark blue-tiled room lit by the softest, tiny lights you feel like you have the cosmos all around you.

The room is heated by steam so your skin tingles warmly on entering and soft music plays a gentle, soothing melody. There are no Spa therapists required for this treatment so once you have applied the therapeutic mud, you are left to drift into a state of deep relaxation.

The Rasul is the perfect way to draw toxins from the body. It is lightly heated with steam and the Austrian muds gently purify and leave the skin with a silky smooth finish.

The Rasul experience can be shared, and is a lovely addition to a Spa Couples Treat when you include a massage after your Rasul. Imagine how relaxed you and your partner will feel going from a blissful Detox Rasul to a Full Body Massage, finishing with a lovely cup of herbal tea in the relaxation lounge.